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A new tool for selective sorting of packaging waste

IPMI company introduces a new product for the valorization and sorting of packaging waste such as card box, papers, plastics .

It is a new type of rotary shredder-compactor with the following characteristics :


  • Space saving ( about 3 m2 is only necessary )
  • Can be easily moved to a different place
  • Can be used directly where the waste is being generated
  • Entirely automatic, it can be used by anyone of your staff
  • High comfort in use
  • Better compaction power ( 4 x balles = 1 tonne )
  • No need for metallic binders
  • Water spray while in operation for a better density of the balles
  • Save you the costly waste bin turnover
  • High security against fire and keeps your environment always clean

IPMI can sell you or lease long term the equipment

We can provide you with a maintenance agreement as well as collection of the balles .

An indispensable tool to remain in accordance with the existing legislation on the selective sorting of waste.

utilisation.gif (17230 octets)
Car box of a minimum size ( 15.74" x 15.74" x 23.62") ( 400x 400x 600 mm) are thrown directly as they come ( no nned to get them flat )into the upper feeding inlet of the shredder

rotor.gif (17276 octets)
Card box waste are shredded with the adjunction of sprayed water to optimize compaction and density of the corrugated card box bales

evacuation balle.gif (17651 octets)
Bales are automatically palletized and their weight is about 300 kg / 600 Lbs

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