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IPMI provide a full CD/ DVD / Blue Ray recycling service

At IPMI we recover manufacturer’s defect, obsolete material of all origin.

We can collect all kinds of CD/ DVD / Blue rays ( in whole ) with or without plastic box, PEH film coating etc...

As a consequence this will provide you with :

1 - For companies and business a substantial saving in the cost involved for your organization to get rid via conventional manner for this type of waste wherever you send it at the moment whether it goes to a waste bin which is further sent to land field or incineration.

In doing this you will contribute to prevent the global warming of the planet.

2- if you are yourself involved in the waste collection as an Ewaste collector, we offer you to be able to offer a new service to your customers. We can collect your waste and will even arrange for a pick up if you can stock a quantity of CD waste in your own boxes, big bags or whatever suits your organization.

3 - For the individuals, small business, computer shops, grocery stores, etc... we can provide you with a specially designed box that contains up to 400 CD ( 6 Kg )

With this Box , you have all your time to fill up the box with your friends, relatives, school etc..

Once filled up the Box can be returned to us with the 100 % guarantee that the CD’s will be properly and environmentally friendly recycled.

No chemical nor hazardous treatment will be used in our recycling process.

We only scrub the metallic's of the CD and it will be further shredded and “naturally” returned into the plastic industry for making secondary raw material

In sending us your old discarded CD’s , DVD’s , Blue Rays
You will make a small action but you will personally contribute to our Big fight against our planet’s global warming !

Thank you for your cooperation

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