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IPMI can supply a new revolutionnary process for the treatment of mercuty contaminated waste .

This process is designed in Sweden and is in use at many places in the world .

Equipment for extracting the fluorescent powder in fluorescent lights

This process a whole range of equipment allowing safe recycling of mercury contaminated waste that may be found in :

  • Neon lamps ( fluorescent lights )
  • Vapour mercury lamps
  • Button cell mercury batteries
  • Mercury thermometers

The proposed equipment can automatically treat from 1000 to 5000 tubes / hour

According to the project , the system is including :

End cut machines in order to extract the fluorescent powder ( ECM technology )

Shredders and sieving units for complete separation of glass fraction, metals , glass and fluorescent powder ( Compact crush & Sieve unit )

Distillers for transformation and decontamination of the mercury powder into liquid mercury oxyde through evaporation and cooling process ;

Electronic detectors for separation of various grade of mercury fluorescent powder

ecm5000_bilder.jpg (14602 octets)
machine à extraire la poudre fluorescente des tubes


ecm1000_bilder.jpg (8188 octets)
ECM Equipment for cutting the metal ends
( capacity 1000 to 5000 tubes / hour )


used lamps.jpg (8959 octets)
All kind of fluorescent lights , lamps etc can be treated in an MRT system


distiller.jpg (9245 octets)
Distiller for evaporation of the mercury from fluorescent lights


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